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PROMISE is going to the SREB 2018 Institute for Teaching and Mentoring, for Faculty Diversity! Do you want to go?

August 28, 2018 9:21 AM

We’re heading to Arlington, Virginia this coming October 2018 for the SREB Compact! If you went to the PROMISE SSI this year, think of The Compact as PROMISE SSI quadrupled! Yes, there are nearly 1000 students from around the country at the conference. As a group, PROMISE has traveled with graduate students to past SREB conferences around the US. This year, the conference is hosted in Arlington, Virginia from October 25 – 28, 2018. In order to go, you need to be nominated by the PROMISE AGEP. Read some of our former posts for the SREB conference here.

YOU have a chance to go with us, but PROMISE must nominate you. You cannot nominate yourself. We guarantee that we will take at least 8 people; we may take more. One year, we had so many great responses that we received additional funding and we took 30 people!

Here are some facts about the conference:

  1.  This is the 25th Institute on TEACHING AND MENTORING/Compact for Faculty Diversity, October 25 – 28, 2018, Crystal Gateway Marriott , Arlington, VA. We tend to refer to this conference as “SREB.”
  1. Scholars nominated to attend the Institute should ONLY be individuals who have an expressed interest in pursuing a career as faculty in a college or university (any post-secondary institution.) All of the sessions at the Institute will focus on topics and issues related to teaching at the post-secondary level. Consequently, scholars who are not interested in becoming a member of the faculty at the post-secondary level will not benefit from attending this Institute.
  1. Nominated scholars must be minority or underserved STEM majors enrolled in a Ph.D. program. SREB will not accept nominations from students. (We will consider select masters students who are on track for Ph.D. programs. Note that Social Sciences are part of the “Science” in STEM.)
  1. The conference will be in Arlington, VA. Hotel rooms at the Crystal Gateway Marriott will be available at no cost to you. Single rooms will not be available for scholars. Students will be placed in double rooms. 
  1. Nominees must be part of the PROMISE: AGEP-T. This means that you must be a graduate student at one of the institutions within the University System of Maryland. If you are interested, you must show evidence of participation in a PROMISE AGEP event prior to September 16, 2018.
  1. The graduate school department at UMB, UMD and UMBC have provided additional funding for AGEP scholars to attend the conference. Please make sure to apply!



Write a comment to this post (below) with the following information (do not send email, email will not count). Please follow this order:


b) University & Department (no abbreviations). You must be a graduate student in a STEM field from one of the universities listed here: Include the link for your department and your laboratory.

c) Provide at least one link for your professional website. If you have more than one, you may provide up to three links, e.g., LinkedIn, department website.

d) Planned year of graduation for your PhD

e) One paragraph that describes the reason why you want to be a professor.

f) Which PROMISE events have you attended, and what have you learned?

g) If you’ve been “The Compact” in the past, what did you learn?

Once you apply using this format, send an email to with the subject “SREB 2018 application, now online” so that we will have your email logged in our database for this event.





Forthcoming: Information about our orientation/logistics meeting, and agenda of the event.