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LSAMP BD Event Schedule: Spring & Summer 2016

Mark your calendars. These activities are mandatory for BDs

February 19, 2016 12:50 PM

Note that the following events for Spring and Summer 2016 are coming up, and BDs are expected to be involved:

* Feb. 23-24 (Tues - Weds): LSAMP National Symposium at the Gaylord 
(See comments on the Gaylord link above for latest information)
If you are a currently enrolled BD, and if you were excused from attending due to your teaching or course schedule, please choose one of two ways that you will engage in the process:

1) Talk with at least three BD fellows after the event, and write a few paragraphs about the significance of the symposium, and the program's effect on the training of diverse STEM fellows. Post in the comment section here:

2) Tweet about the significance of the LSAMP BD program and its training, discussing aspects of the training that you have received thus far. Highlight at least 6 events or sessions. Tag @USM_LSAMP and #ThinkBigDiversity


Provide at least one tweet about the significance of Louis Stokes' legacy, using the same tags as above.

* March 2 (Weds.): Hrabowski Talk
(RSVP asap. We will have a brief meeting immediately following the talk.)

* March 9 (Weds.): BD practice for GSA GRC (Stay tuned. I will want to have a practice session with you regarding your oral presentation for GRC.)

* March 12 (Saturday): BD projects are due

[NOTE: By this time, all BDs should have finished their IRB and RCR training.]

* March 23 (Weds.): UMBC GRC

* April 6 (Weds.): Career Pathways Seminar

* April 27 (Weds.): Writing Seminar

* May 7 (Sat.): PROMISE Cookout

* May 18 (Weds.): Commencement Day - Photo & Lunch

* July 5 - 8 (Tues. - Friday): Professional Development Activities - Dissertation House, Writing for Publication

* August 19-20 (Fri. - Sat.): SSI
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