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Invitation to Rethinking the Return to "Normal" √ § Ͼ

CIRTL Student Invitation

CIRTL Graduate Students, 

On Tuesday, October 19th from Noon to 1:00 PM, The Faculty Development Center is hosting a virtual discussion regarding the implications, inquiries, and insecurities of a "return to normal" and would like to invite CIRTL Graduate students to attend. Below is a snippet of the content of the discussion: 

"This session in the Diverse Classroom Series asks participants to reflect on the ways the "normal" college classroom in 2019 may have oppressed our diverse student body. Particiaptns will gain perspective on how the sudden universal need for remote learning "evened the playing field" for some learners, especially those with intersectional identities. Finally, this session will encourage participants to be cognizant of how they can challenge the meaning of returning to normal for their classroom(s)."

Note: Registration (through the link above) is required to receive the session link.

√ Counts towards the ALIT Certificate 
§ Counts towards the INNOVATIVE Certificate
Ͼ CIRTL Graduate Students are invited to attend

Posted: September 16, 2021, 2:24 PM